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Bidder Registration Information

Email address

An Email address is used to associate you with your actions while bidding at the live events on this site. It will not be visible to the general public. This is an email address you can be reached at, it is used in the following maner:

During registration, an email will be sent to this address, to finish the registration proccess you must follow the unique link identified in the email. Until that step has occurred you will not be able to log in with this email address and password.

After registration, the auction house staff have access to this email address as an alternative method to inform you of items you were the successful bidder on and at your choosing, a method to initiate an online transaction that facilitates the payment and purchase of items you were the successful bidder on. Both after registration activities are optional, you may interact with the auction house staff directly to opt-in or opt-out of this use.

Please go back and read your email user name and email host address, I have more bounced emails from .met and .con addresses than I care to talk about.

This email address is NOT added to our mailing list, if you wish to be included on our mailing list you will need to do that as a seperate step at this link Sunset Auction, Join e-mail list. Join the list and emails will be sent to you informing you of upcoming events.

Personal ID

Call it a pin, a password or a pass phrase, it provides assurance your neighbor is not using your login.
We place very few requirements on this field, it must be more then 3 characters

The field is not case sensitive, this is significant if you are using more then one device to access the auction.
We are noticing that many of the mobile devices are capitalizing the first character even though they hide the character from view.
We also notice these devices try to spell check your entry, that can result in a space following your entry after you indicate to leave it alone.
To resolve these issues we remove leading and trailing spaces and ignore case

Phone Number

For those who prefer to interact on the phone rather then via email, this is your opportunity. The field accepts a 10 digit phone number with or without parentheses and dash.
For those that would prefer to be contacted via email, leave it blank.

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