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May 27th 3:00pm
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Jewelry & Accessories
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Sterling jewelry: pair earrings, Mexican blossom pin, Bracelet with mother of pearl. Lot includes a silver plated pin/pendant with malachite
10k bracelet with multi color stones
Sterling hinged chocker with turquoise and tiger's eye, unmarked bangle set with turquoise and coral squares
Amber jewelry: 830 silver ring, unmarked pin and wire string necklace
Plateau mirror, silver plated, 12" diameter
Southwest jewelry: signed H. Slim bracelet, two pairs marked earrings, unmarked bear pin and pair earrings
Jewelry: 925 lapis ring, 925 bracelet with rotating lapis top, 925 lapis inlaid earrings and a necklace
Sterling jewelry: agate pin and ring, marchacite pin, two pairs dangle earrings
Jewelry: 10k size ring with pearl and jade bead and pair of 14k small hoop earrings Total weight 2.6 grams
Deco "German Silver" mesh purse
Sterling jewelry
Blue glass trade bead necklace
Southwest sterling jewelry earrings, pin, pendant cross and stone pendant
Pair of old spectacles with case and three stick pins
Jewelry: Chinese enameled silver cloisonne pin, sterling ring, cloisonne earrings, and green bead necklace
Two pins: one mid 20th century with blue glass stone, One marchacite with trombone clasp
Two as is rings: unmarked sterling with opals and one acid tested 14k with partial hallmarks and what looks like a damaged Emerald. Both in very rough condition
Ball Official Standard 23 Jewel pocket watch, runs
Fob chains and non working pocket watches
Stone and sterling jewelry ring, pin and earrings