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Ethnic & Asian Arts
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African carved wood kneeling Songye (power) figure with wedge shaped beard. Congo region, 16" tall. note split in wood left side of head from age
Peruvian clay village, largest piece is 18" tall. Hand made from red clay.
Ming Dynasy gilt wood Quan Yin 3/4 Life size. Minimum bid $2000
Northern Cherokee beaded danc Regalia outfit. Multiple color and turquoise beads on large brain tanned white hides. Rose pattern depicts 4 stages of growth. Surrounded by porcupine needles. Size 8. Has purs,bag,fire belt,knife and
Coastal cedar mask form totem signed on back in pencil Darwine Jefferey. 13" tall
Pair Chinese brass vases, one with old solder repair on rim 5 5/8" tall. Includes wood stands
Chinese black ware pottery ewer. 9.75" tall.
Handmade Folk art Peruvian Peru Clay figure of a large gentleman playing a horn. Approximately 9" tall by 6" wide "front and back". No chips or cracks
Large handmade folk art Peruvian Peru Clay sculpture of seven seated musicians. Approximately 17" wide, 14" tall and 9" deep. Note some chips on hat brims
Chinese Jade dragon pendant- necklace piece. 3.25" wide.
Chinese Jade ritual notched disk. 12 "teeth" per section likely represent the 12 year cycle. 3 3/8" wide. Parts of some "teeth" missing
Chinese Jade thick dragon ornament. 3.25" wide
Chinese jade bi disk. 4.75" diameter. Natural fissures
Chinese stone huang ornament. 7.5" at widest point. Comes with fitted box. Some natural fissures
Small Makah tightly woven lidded basket, circa 1930's. 2 2/4" wide
Tlingit Alaskan Native grass basket with rattles in lid. Design is the symbols for the tides, colors are faded, some cracking on rim. circa 1940. 4.5" wide x 4" tall.
Salish beaded Wolf & Moon Butt bag/Possibles bag with wolf fur trim. Made of brain tanned deer hide with cut beads. 12" x 7" including fur and fringe
Native beaded butt bag/ possibles bag with geometric design. Old cut beads, edges finished in Peyote stitch. Made to hang on belt or around the neck. 5 x 6"
Chinese jade bi disk. 2 3/8"
Chinese carved jade pendant. 1 7/8" x 1 3/8"