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July 1st 2017 3:00pm
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Seeburg Stereo Phonograph Jukebox model STD4 Mardi-Gras works. Has all but one 45
Tiffany & Co. Swiss Angelus octagonal desk clock. 4 3/8" wide.
Seven circulated 1921-D Morgan silver Dollars
Five 1922-D circulated U.S. Peace Dollars
Three 1923-S circulated U.S. Peace dollars
NORTHWESTERN PRODUCTS CO. ST. LOUIS, MO. 5-in-1 POOSH-M-UP Big5 pinball game. Has 1933 patent number. 13 x 23" Not tested
Bronze Lantaka Cannon swivel gun for ship's rail. Dutch/Indonesian style. Weight 77 lbs. 46.75" long
Wooden snow shovel. 34" long
Victorian period Kent London knife sharpener. Brass plaque embossed: PATENTEE & MANUFACTURER 199 HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. Has part of original label remaining. Some worm wood on back and part of side knob missing.
Hasegawa 1/8 Scale Museum Series Sopwith F.1 Camel Model Airplane. Adult collector, appears to all still be in box
Hasegawa 1/8 Fokker Dr.I Triplane - Museum Series. Box shows some scuffs. Adult collector. Contents not counted
Guillows B-29 Superfortress Airplane Model "Enola Gay". Adult collector, appears to have all the pieces, box shows some wear from display
1949 James M Durane Movie poster "Street Corner". 5ft by 3ft 7inches. Has indented scratch on upper left corner Currently encased in shrink wrap
Jethro Tull "A Passion Play" album sealed. One area on edge that is loose. Slight musty odor
Cat Stevens "Teaser and the Firecat" sealed album. Note lighter area on left side of jacket, slight musty odor
Super Tramp "Even in the Quietest Moments" album. Sealed with sticker on front cover. Has slight musty smell
Limestone lithograph printing stone for checks from Seattle attorneys Chadwick, McMigken etal. 10 x 8"
National Wash board co. glass washer for lingerie
Chilmark Fine Pewter 1985 sculpture titled "Moby Dick". Approximately 8.5" long.
Hand painted antique plate displayed in Victorian frame with velvet matt area