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Framed photogravure print of a girl in 15.5 X 13.5" frame.
Steven Mcleod (1944-2015, Oregon artist): painting on panel of a sunset Cannon Beach scene. Signed and dated 89. Frame is 26.5 x 32"
1920'S Indian Trail Rocky Mountains scene - colored lithograph in period frame. Artist J. Meran made by John Drescher & Co NY. Frame is 31 x 17.5"
Florence Melewotkuk photo litho print. Some foxing on edges
Pencil signed Walton Butts silk screen titled Sea Rock. Frame is 16x20"
2nd quarter 20th century landscape pastel painting reminiscent of Hudson River style. Unsigned. Frame is 36.5" x 16.5"
Leland S Curtis print titled Crest of the Sierras. Frame is 31.5" x 25.5"
Watercolor of a reclining woman. Signed John L. Jones. John Llewelyn Jones(1870-1924? Frame is 22 x 18"
Paul Blaine Henri (1932-1999) pallet knife painting of a fishing boat at low tide. 18 x 24"
Jerry D. McKellar bronze sculpture of a duck titled "STARTLED". Mounted on wood base. Approximately 12.5" tall, 16" long.
Luigi Kasimir colored etching titled Binnenalster. Pencil signed with estate signature. Frame is 26" x 32.75"
Ross Gill (1887-1969,WA): Gouache/watercolor painting of a winter barn scene. Frame is 24" x 31"
Bonnte Anderson painting of a rabbit
Early lithograph titled The Age of Innocence after work by Joshua Reynolds(1723-1792). Some sections of plaster missing from frame
Antique portrait photo of a woman in metal frame with convex glass
Victorian tinted portrait photo of a gentelman. In oval gold frame with pierced trim. 27" tall
Vintage White Bronze copy of Demetre Chiparus Starfish Lady - 20.5" tall
Mid-century painting on masonite panel of a fountain between two column structures. Signed Van Gaard. Probably from Vanguard Studios in Beverly Hills. 48 x 24"
Laura Castellanos oil on linen titled "Horn". Cuban American artist whose works were displayed at Nordstsrom's. 30 x 44"
Carlo of Hollywood large abstract oil on canvas. 4ft x 5ft